Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) provides homes and services to approximately 13,500 homes and around 30,000 customers.

Through serving our customers and the wider community, WCHG strives to ensure that all of Wythenshawe continues to develop and thrive. We do this with a business mind and a social heart, aiming to provide the very best customer service in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to live successful, happy and healthy lives.

While the pandemic has and will continue to affect our local community socially and economically for some time to come, we will endeavour to minimise any impacts by regularly reviewing our priorities and plans in line with our clear purpose and values.

We launched our Corporate Plan in 2020 which set out our ambitious plans to March 2022, and this has been an important building block for our longer-term business objectives.

The Corporate Plan is now well-embedded across WCHG and outlines how we want to constantly improve services we offer our customers, and ensure the organisation continues to be stable, effective and resilient.

We have already seen some important achievements delivered through the Corporate Plan within the four key themes of: More Homes, Living Well, Great Places and Smarter Business. The below video provides more information on the Corporate Plan and the key themes, and we also provide further detail on these areas throughout this publication.

This year also saw significant change to our legal and governance arrangements. The Group simplification took effect from April 2021, which meant Parkway Green Housing Trust, Willow Park Housing Trust Limited and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Limited all legally consolidated into one organisation - Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Limited, with a refreshed Board, and with Board remuneration. During 2020/21, the governance structure was also further strengthened by the creation of the new Development Committee.

“The focus for 2021/22 will be considering how we could improve the tenant voice in our governance function in line with the requirement of the Group’s adopted Code of Governance and the Government’s Social Housing White Paper.”